Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Lady of the Rosary

As the Church is beset with so many enemies within and without, we ought to ask our Lady of the Holy Rosary to rise once again in defense of the true religion, the Catholic faith!

"O august Queen of victories, O Virgin-ruler of paradise, at whose powerful name the heavens rejoice and hell trembles for fear, O glorious Queen of the most holy Rosary, all of us, thy highly favored humbly kneeling at they feet, on this most solemn day of the Feast of thy fresh triumphs on earth over false gods and devils, pour forth with tears the deepest affection of our hearts, and with the confidence of sons we show our miseries to thee.

"Ah, from that throne of mercy who thou art seated in queenly state, turn thy pitying gaze upon us, O Mary, and upon our families...and upon the universal Church; do thou have compassion upon us by reason of the miseries we are encompassed, and the tribulations that make life bitter for us. See, dear Mother, how many perils to body and soul surround us, what calamities and afflictions oppress us! O Mother, stay the arm of thine unheeded Son's justice and win the hearts of sinners by thy mercy; for they are our brethren and thy children, for whom the Precious Blood of Jesus was shed and thine own most gentle heart was pierced by the sword of sorrow. Show unto all men this day that thou art indeed the Queen of peace and forgiveness...

"Grant unto all of us thy abiding love and, in a special manner, thy maternal blessing...At this ver moment, O Mary, bless the Supreme Pontiff. To the former laurels of thy chaplet,l to the ancient triumphs of thy Rosary, whence thou art called the Queen of Victories, add this favor also, O Mother: give victory to the cause of religion and peace to human society. Bless our Bishop and priests...

" O blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain that binds us to God, bond of love that makes us one with the angels, tower of salvation amid the attacks of hell, safe harbor in the universal shipwreck, we shall never forget thee...Be thous everywhere blessed now and forever, on earth and in heaven. Amen."

Blessed Bartolo Longo

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