Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facing the East in the Eastern Churches

Fr. Finigan's blog (The Hermeneutic of Continuity) has this wonderful document on the east-ward direction of the Eastern liturgies. The document is worth our reading.

The hermeneutic of continuity: Eastern Churches must face East

(Of course, many liturgists will say, "But we do not belong to the eastern rites." However, Pope Benedict has shown in 3 Masses at the Sistine Chapel and once at the Pauline Chapel that Ad orientem worship is a legitimate possibility even in the Missal of Paul VI and in the Missal of John Paul II.)


  1. father do you celebrate the missal of paul vi facing the "liturgical east''in the PLDM? Tnx po:)

  2. I used to until the bishop forbade me unjustly. I say unjustly because ad orientem is a legitimate liturgical possibility even in the missal of Paul VI. I tried proving it with documents and pictures (just in case they did not understand documents) but all in vain.

  3. father let us still hope and pray that the sense of sacredness be open in the hearts of both the clergy and the laity. we, the laity, will offer all our goodworks for the sanctification of the clergy and for the intentions of the holy FAther. thank you father for being a good priest to your flock. OBEDIENTIA ET PAX :)