Sunday, February 14, 2016

Celebrating amdist the Desecration of the Blessed Sacrament???

I was saddened with the news that yesterday, the Blessed Sacrament was stolen from the Adoration Chapel of my former parish. It happened on the eve of the parish fiesta. I could not understand how the theft took place. There was a security guard on duty and the Blessed Sacrament was kept in a glass case which was under lock and key. Apparently, the one who had custody of the blessed Sacrament forgot to lock the case. During my pastorate, I was the only one who held the key to this glass case. Nobody could open nor close the case except me. I felt that as the pastor, I was the one responsible for the security of the Blessed Sacrament.

Throughout the day, there was nothing in the social networks about the theft. Instead, I found the pastor posting picture of the parish community eating a banquet during the parish fiesta. He even posted that the bands kept playing and the food kept coming. It was as if nothing happened. The fiesta had to go on.

I told this story to the priest who is a guest of our parish. He looked at me intently as I told the story. Then, he said: "It is like a birthday celebrant being kidnapped and yet the party has to  push through because the preparations were already made."

For the life of me, I could not understand how a parish community could still celebrate the parish fiesta on the day immediately after the desecration took place. Should not an atmosphere of sorrow and penitence take over the festivities? "The Lord has been taken away. We do not know where they have placed him." "When the Bridegroom is taken from them, it is then that they will fast."

I am sad also about the fact that the International Eucharistic Congress has just taken place and we were part of it. I thought that the International Eucharistic Congress was supposed to ignite fervor in our Eucharistic devotion. Then, why this indifference to the desecration? Why is it that it seems that the theft never took place?

In one of my former assignments, I was called to anoint a dying person during Christmas time. I had barely finished the confection of the sacrament when the relatives around the death bed started to wil. She died at that moment. Then, I saw two toddlers approaching the Christmas Tree. They turned off the Christmas lights and started taking down the decorations. The children understood. Grandma just passed away. It was definitely not time to rejoice over the holidays.

If these children were sensitive enough over the impropriety of merrymaking during a time of grief, why can't we have that same sensitivity? Have we lost our faith in the Real Presence? Do we no longer believe that the one that got desecrated was the Body of our Lord?

To me, the issue is very simple: The Lord has been taken away! Let us be sad because we do not know where they have placed him!


  1. Dear Father Jojo,

    I've always been a fan, as I admire your wisdom and conviction in making it known to us, and making us feel God';s abundant love and mercy.  And preaching how we could become better christians.

    I am no more than just a simple, ordinary parishioner who would like to share only my thoughts about the sad news that took place in our parish.

    Our current parish priest may be young, but beyond his age, we see him as a man of knowledge, wisdom and kindness.  It must have been so devastating and painful for him also to go on with the fiesta activities.  But he probably knew the importance of the kumpilang bayan to the children in the public school in our barangay.  For the first time po medyo nakapagsungit si Father because the children were becoming quite unruly and rude during confirmation, during his talk while he was reminding parents and godparents to set good example to these children.  Very understandable naman po, kasi may pinaghuhugutan po pala si Father.

    Regarding the feast, it was intended for the less privileged community in our barangay.  Food donated by the more fortunate ones.  I believe that the feast was continued not because the intention was to celebrate the fiesta.  But probably, it was to show that God's love and mercy is so abundant that eventhough we did Him a terrible thing, He continues to love us, to forgive us, to be generous to us, especially to the less fortunate ones.  In the hope and faith that this simple act of kindness may give these people a sense of importance, a feeling of being loved by God.  And that they may find themselves back into the Catholic faith, in God's loving arms. 

    Our parish community is grieving.  I pray that God may touch whoever took the Blessed Sacrament, and return it soon.  I want to believe that there is still some good in every person. 

    Thank you Father Jojo and please pray for us.  May God bless you always with good health.


    1. If we cannot honor God,how can we Love our Neighbor? Sure,the Priest has good Intentions but This does not excuse Him(especially as a Trained Liturgist)from making Amends and cancelling the Fiesta or at least tone it down. Gone were the Days when Priests who set One Hour of Adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Nowadays,some engage in the most reprehensible behavior outside public scrutiny. Kyrie Eleison!