Friday, January 20, 2012

The TLM in its new home

Thanks to Ron Yu for the picture

Have been busy for the past weeks on account of my transfer to Holy Family Parish. The transfer is nearly done. The first Mass of the Roman Rite in the Extraordinary Form was celebrated in the new parish at 8:30 am on the 19th of January 2012. The Mass in the Extraordinary form has a new home in the Diocese of Cubao, Philippines.

Please visit us at the Holy Family Parish, Madre Silva corner Lilac Streets, Roxas District, Quezon City. Mass on Ferial days at 8:30 am. Mass on Sundays at 2:00 pm


  1. Congratulations on Your New Assignment Father!

    Will there be a Novus Ordo in Latin at Holy Family Soon?

    God Bless!

  2. Fr. Zerrudo,

    Ave Maria!

    I would like to e-mail you about a personal matter. Can you please contact me @
    Thank you.

    Damian Frometa

    P.S. Stick to the Tridentine Mass only. :)