Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Lady of Sorrows: Co-Redemptrix

It is only fitting that the Blessed Mother should be found standing beneath the Cross of our Lord. After all, she has been his most intimate associate in the work of salvation. It was for this moment that she became Mother. The Incarnation, which took place in her womb, was for the purpose of giving the Son of God a human nature that is capable of both suffering and death. The Body of the Lord, which hung upon the cross, was taken from the womb of Mary. The Blood that became the price of our redemption, Jesus received from his own Mother. From the very first instant of his Incarnation, Jesus our Lord has closely associated his Blessed Mother to Himself in the work of Redemption.

If it were not for Our Lady, Our Lord, the only begotten Son of the Father, could not be both Priest and Victim. Had he not assumed human nature in the womb of the Virgin, Our Lord could not have become the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Indeed, from the beginning of his Mortal life, Our Lord has closely involved his Mother in his work of redemption.

Thus, it is only fitting that, inasmuch as Our Lady was His partner from the very beginning, she should accompany Him to the very end - to the consummation of the Sacrifice upon the Cross. And when our Lord said to His Mother, "Behold your son," He did not only entrust His disciples to the care of His Mother. The Lord showed His Mother the fruit of their partnership...the disciple whom Christ wanted Mary to consider her son. It was as if He was telling her: "Mother, here is the one whom I have bought with the Blood I took from you. Here is the one I redeemed with this Body that you gave me. Because he was redeemed by the Blood that I took from you, you have every right to claim him...He is yours. Call him your son."

Indeed, we are hers. She has every right to call us her children. She has every right to be called "Mother" by us. We are the fruit of the partnership of Mother and Son.

Mary gave Jesus a human nature that suffers and dies. Jesus shares with Mary His suffering, His desolation, His pain...but most of all, He shares with her the fruits of His sacrifice: the redeemed. We are hers. She is our Mother!

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