Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Thursday!

Last Sunday, I was ranting about the unfortunate transfer of Corpus Christi from Thursday to Sunday just because Corpus Christi is not a Holy Day of Obligation. I thought that this is an indication of spiritual sloth. Just because we do not want to "burden" the faithful with the obligation of assisting at Mass on a working day, we transfer the feast to the succeeding Sunday. In ancient Christianity, before Constantine declared Sunday as a non-working day, the day of the Lord used to be the first working day. Remember that the Sabbath (the Jewish day of rest) was Saturday. Because Sunday was a working day, the Christians broke bread at dawn (before they went to work). Isn't it strange that by transferring Corpus Christi to Sunday, we are actually training people to "hit two birds with one stone" (that is, fulfill the obligation of Sunday and Corpus Christi on the same day)?

By transferring Corpus Christi to Sunday, its immediate association with Holy Thursday is lost. I am glad that I am not alone in this ranting. Guess who rants in the same way?

follow the link: ZENIT - Liturgy Official Backs Return of Corpus Christi to Thursday

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