Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Demythologizing" Vatican II

Over at Vultus Christi is an article which I am inclined to agree with. It is not that I do not accept Vatican II. (Believe it or not, I accept it as a legitimate Council.) I simply think that many prelates, by constantly invoking it as if it were the only legitimate ecumenical council, are really overrating it. There was Church life before Vatican II and we should not forget that alongside Vatican II is an abundance of magisterial teachings.

"Emphasis on Vatican II has a number of unfortunate side-effects. It means
that other, worthier, councils are ignored; and, in saying this I am not only
thinking of Trent ... and not even of the Synod of Bethlehem. I wonder if you
remember the striking ... mind-blowing ... assertion of Cardinal Ratzinger that
the West needs to receive the 'fundamental lines of the theology' of the Council
of Moskow in 1551. And I am far from sure that the Latin Church would come to
much harm if it humbly, prayerfully, set itself to assess the teachings of the
'Palamite' councils of the fourteenth century as they bear on the central
Christian mystery of theosis.

"And the fetichising of Vatican II distracts attention from the real and
significant and valuable actions of the Roman Magisterium, which deserve so very
much better than the sneers directed at them by illiterate fools. Humanae vitae
and Ordinatio sacerdotalis, slender volumes, are worth more than all the paper
wasted at Vatican II. Documents of the CDF, keeping up with the errors proposed
in areas of ethics by the World's agenda, represent the locus to which perplexed
modern Catholics should turn for teaching and guidance. "

Follow the link: Brilliant, Father Hunwicke

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