Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prayer to the Divino Rostro

The Feast of the Holy Face of our Lord will be on Shrove Tuesday (March 8, 2011). I would like to share this prayer to the Divino Rostro which is very much venerated alongside the Virgin of Penafrancia in the Bicol region.

Prayer to the Divino Rostro

O Jesus, in your bitter Passion, You became a man of sorrows, in Your disfigured Face, I see Your infinite Love.

I am consumed with the desire to love You and make You loved by all. I venerate Your Sacred Face because because it is the human expression of the Face of the Father.

The tears on Your eyes are the pearls which I desire to offer to God in expiation for my sins and the spiritual salvation of sinners.

O Jesus, Your adorable Face ravishes my heart. Gaze into my eyes and touch my heart. And set me on fire with Your love, so that my only desire will be to contemplate Your glorious Face in heaven.


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