Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dominus Vobiscum

I get upset whenever I hear a priest greet the people: "The Lord is with you!" I even heard some priests complain that "Dominus vobiscum" is so archaic a greeting that it no longer is relevant to our modern use. With the new translations returning to "and with your spirit", many liberals object that this response does not mean anything more than the formula we use today: "and also with you." I came across this very enlightening article which I think would make us appreciate the return to the more literal translation of "et cum spiritu tuo."

Check out this link: Psallite Sapienter: Dominus Vobiscum


  1. Muslims greet each other with "Assalamu alaikum"

    Yet you do not hear them complain about being to archaic.

    Scientists use Latin terms for identifying different species. Yet they are not complaining.

    Is there a hatred for anything before Vatican 2?

    Or is it the excuse of someone playing dumb?

    "Mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulog-tulugan."

  2. I agree with you. It is really unfortunate that there seems to be a widespread impression even amongst most clergy that anything before Vatican II is no longer relevant in our times. This is obviously a rupture from the long standing tradition of the Church. It is simply unfortunate that those among us who insist on some sense of continuity in tradition are easily branded as "hopeless romanticists."