Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Dosado on the Reform of the Reform

With much being said about the statement of the National Meeting of Liturgical Directors of the Philippines, the statement of Archbishop Jesus Dosado of Ozamis is refreshing. UCANews published his statement in which the good Archbishop denounced the "terrorist procilivities" of some liturgists:

"Looking back, some of the culprits for me for the gradual loss of the true reform of the Liturgy were the so-called 'liturgists'who were more like technicians and choreographers rather than pure students of the liturgy.

They had a peculiar affinity for refined liturgical celebrations coupled with disdain for the old rites and devotions. Unfortunately, some bishops, not pure students of liturgy either, gave in to their terrorist proclivities.

A search for creativity and community were dominant projects in 'reform-minded' Catholic circles in the 1960's and beyond. In itself, it might have not been bad. But the philosophy that the community was god , and that 'God' was not fully 'God' without the community was the source of ideas that have done most damage to the Church.

This secular notion of community made its way into the liturgy to gradually supplant the inherited Christian tradition.

These self-appointed arbiters of the reform were, and I hate to say this, liturgical hijackers who deprived ordinary parishioners - and bewildered pastors - of their right to the normative of their own Church. Hence, there was a need for a reform of the reform."

Thank you Your Excellency! Considering the fact that you received the Sacrosanctum Concilium Award for your contribution to the promotion of the Church's teaching on the liturgy, the authority of your words cannot be questioned by those who pretend to be serious students of the Liturgy.

Read the entire article at the following link: The liturgical renewal I would like to see

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