Sunday, August 28, 2011

True artists challenge aesthetics, not attack religion

Ed Castrillo writes on Mideo Cruz' "Politeismo":
true iconoclasts in art are artists who introduce new philosophies, modes, mediums and forms that reflect high aesthetics; they create never-before-seen works.

These radical new ways of creating and thinking inspire other artists to further refine them through time, as in the works of Van Gogh, so that new styles come as unique expressions of their period: Art Nouveau, Expressionism, the Bauhus, Pop Art.

The next generation builds upon the refinements of the previous. The venues of some of these radical breakthroughs in the visual arts have often been biennales.

International biennales welcome all avant-garde artists who exhibit limitless approaches in the visual arts, works that are mind-boggling, hilarious, ridiculous, thought-provoking and savage.

But never in such biennales do you see artworks with forms and themes that insult religious beliefs.

Biennale artists are disciplined enough, possessed of good values. They dedicate their creative quest toward challenging artistic trends or opening new ones.

It is common practice to subject art spaces and even small galleries that sponsor exhibitions, theater presentations, media, and movies that present statements or forms violating human rights or attacking religious freedom to censorship.

Mideo’s art violated respect for religion as it rejected any form of sensitivity toward the majority of Filipinos who are Christians.

Because Mideo’s work was exhibited in a government cultural institution, curatorial censorship for the welfare of the general public should have been done. Would one allow pornography to just be let loose on the TV or the Internet? Worse, why should taxpayer’s money be used in showing a work that disrespects or attacks religion?

True artists challenge aesthetics, not attack religion

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