Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Msgr. Bux on the Cross in the Liturgy

This interview with Msgr. Nicola Bux was published in an English Translation by Mr. Carlos Palad in Rorate Caeli blog. I find his statement on the position of the Cross in the Liturgy very significant. Remember my post about that liturgist who insists that the Cross is not the center of the celebration but rather the celebration is the center of the celebration (huh?) ? Well, Fr. Liturgist, eat your heart out!

Follow the entire interview in Rorate Caeli.
"Yes, having the cross at the center of the altar is a way to bring to mind what the Mass is. I do not speak of a 'miniature' cross but of a cross such as can be seen. The dimensions of the cross should be proportional to the ecclesial space. It should be brought back to the center [of the altar], aligned with the altar, and everybody must be able to see it. It should be the focal point of the faithful and of the priest, as [the former Cardinal] Joseph Ratzinger says in his Introduction to the Spirit of the Liturgy. It should be in the center, independently of the celebration, even if it is Mass 'facing the people.' I insist on a cross that is clearly visible. Otherwise, what is the use of an image that cannot be sufficiently profited from? Images refer to the prototype... In an era in which vision has become the favored medium of our
contemporaries, it does not suffice to have a little cross that lies flat or an illegible “sketch” of a cross, but it is necessary that the cross, along with the figure of the Crucified, be clearly visible on the altar, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed."

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